The Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)

BS 7671 requires a standard form of EIC (including a record of the inspection and the results of testing) to be issued for all new installation work and for all alterations and additions to existing installations. A separate certificate must be issued for each distinct electrical installation.

I C Electrical Services Ltd will provide this certificate, which gives you official reassurance that the design, construction, inspection and testing of the installation complies with the requirements of the national standard for electrical safety.

Minor Electrical Installation Certificate (MEIC)

BS 7671 requires inspection and testing to be carried out and appropriate certification to be issued for any alteration of, or addition to, an existing circuit, and for any new electrical installation. As long as the alteration or addition to the installation is minor, though, and doesn’t include the provision of a new circuit,
I C Electrical Services Ltd will be able to issue an MEIC, which is designed for minor works.

The MEIC has a limited application and scope. The type of small jobs it might apply to includes:

  • The addition of a socket-outlet to a ring or radial final circuit.
  • Work carried out on a lighting final circuit, including an alteration to the switching arrangements and the addition of a lighting point.


Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

All electrical installations deteriorate with use and age, and should therefore be inspected and tested appropriately. The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) recommend that commercial installations carry out a routine annual inspection to maintain a satisfactory condition and service. These safety checks, commonly referred to as ‘Periodic Inspection and Testing’ and, more recently renamed as an ‘Electrical Installation Conditioning Report’, are carried out by I C Electrical Services Ltd.

Purpose of Periodic Inspection and Testing/ Electrical Installation Condition Report

The main purpose of Periodic Inspection and Testing is to identify (where reasonably practicable) any faults impairing the safety of an electrical installation and can indicate the following:

  • deterioration and damage;
  • wear and tear;
  • age;
  • excessive loading;
  • corrosion;
  • safety;
  • external influences;
  • potential risk of electric shocks/burns and fire hazards;
  • defective electrical work;
  • lack of earthing/bonding.

After completing out testing procedures, IC Electrical Services Ltd will issue an EICR. This document will outline any and all issues that there are with the electrical installations that directly impede the safety of those using them. These could be problems such as gradual deterioration over time, wiring defects, or any general observed damage. If it is reported that there are issues with the installation, it will be labelled “unsatisfactory”, and therefore steps must be taken in order to make the installation safe for those occupying the premises once again.

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