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There are several electrical companies and sole trading electricians in Hornchurch in the area of Hornchurch, all of whom are probably reasonable at what they do and will provide you with an “alright” service. However, this is definitely not something I would desire or specifically look for if I was in search of an electrical company, as you should always be looking for perfection, value for money and a dedicated provider that has the very best in terms of experience and skill. So many customers settle for second-best when it comes to any sort of joinery or electrical work, as they don’t have a broad knowledge of the subject and therefore do not wish to shop around for the best deal or commit to finding somebody that can do the job extremely well. As much as you may like to think that there can’t possibly be the perfect electrical company to opt for I can assure you that you may just be surprised if you search hard enough, as you will probably be able to find what you are looking for.

There are several qualities that you should probably look for in an electrician to try and suss out whether they are going to be the correct choice or not. As much as there are tell-tale signs that an electrician is going to be inefficient or not very good this is coupled that there are a few things you can look for in a good electrician. Admittedly they are less common and harder to spot but finding a good electrician or electrical company to use isn’t hard if you put your mind to it and know what to look for. Giving yourself a little insight or just logically thinking about what could potentially make a good electrician in Hornchurch is all you need.

For instance, I would personally suggest that one of the bigger factors in finding a good electrician has to be that of how long they have been trading for or just generally training/doing their job for. You may get some whizz kids who are excellent at electrical work with very little experience at all, but for the mostpart electricians with more years under their belts are just generally better at what they do in every aspect. If you had the choice to use an electrician who had been doing their job for 2 years and one that had been doing it for 15-20 years without any other factor being taken into account. Experience is always going to win over pure talent or ability, mostly because those that are naturally gifted may have been doing electrical work for a short period of time and be very good at it but the fact of the matter is that those that have been in the trade for longer will have had more experience with specific situations. Most of learning electrical work is coming into contact with certain scenarios that you may not have dealt with before and being reactionary in what to do rather than having to guess at things for a while. All of the electrical training and information in the world cannot prepare you for the little differences you may face in every job, and so it is for this reason that I would say a lot of consumer’s value experience over ability in the field of electrical work.

Not only are consumers looking for a seasoned electrician who has been doing this sort of work for a large majority of their lives, there is also the need and desire for this particular individual or organisation to be part of several regulatory boards and such so that they can be assured that their work is going to be carried out properly. An electrician who operates by himself and has no real credentials or credibility in general isn’t exactly going to have the best time when it comes to convincing a consumer that they are the right person for the job unless it is family or a friend. Being part of a company or under a banner gives you a lot of their notoriety making you far more appealing, as well as ensuring the customer that they are dealing with a large company who are therefore less likely to make mistakes and will also have somebody to cover and redo work if one electrician cannot do it or does a bad job of it. As much as an individual may be extremely proficient at what they do we have our initial doubts and prejudices that will often lead us to just not trust them in the long run.

This is furthered by the idea that most electricians in Hornchurch that are part of a company or organisation are going to be associated with the NICEIC. This is the largest governing body and probably the first thing that an electrician will tell you about to guarantee his efficiency, as the NICEIC are so highly regarded that even regular consumers will probably have a clue of what it is and what it means in terms of a guarantee of electrical work.

This particular badge of honour does not just denote that the electrician and electrical company in question have passed a series of tests to show just how good they are in their fields and that they can handle pretty much any sort of situation, it also shows that they have the backing of an organisation that is more than willing to pay for any shoddy work or work that is not completed. Whilst im sure that any company or sole trader backed by the NICEIC is a very good electrician or employs a lot of good electricians there is always going to be one that messes up or puts in a minimalistic amount of effort. In these cases the assurance given by the NICEIC is known as their “platinum promise”. This involves the assurance that if any of the electricians that have been qualified through the NICEIC provide their clients with work that is not up to scratch that they will guarantee the completion and re-doing of this work themselves, or through another member of your current provider, or through another provider all together. In other words if you use electricians in Hornchurch and are not happy with their service the NICEIC will provide a solution for you, and the party in question that didn’t do the work properly may be subject to investigation or some sort of penalty, such as the costs of the work or potentially their “relationship” with the NICEIC.

Essentially, if you are living in or near Hornchurch and you are looking for an electrician to do some work for you it is advised that you look for somebody that has a lot of prior experience, is part of a reasonably large outfit with several electricians and also is under the banners of a couple of notable electrical bodies and organisations. It would also be advised that you should choose somebody local that you trust and will always assist you in every which aspect of your electrical needs.

The most recommended and prestigious electrical company in the Hornchurch area has to be that of IC Electrical Services Ltd. We offer only the very best in electrical inspections, testing and also installation to our customers. We essentially have everything that you could ever need in an electrical company and more, as we have had over 20 years in the field and the managing director Iain Cole attributes to most of this experience and knowledge, meaning that he picks out only the very finest electricians to work for him and operate under his company name. Every single employee that IC Electrical has is NICEIC approved and would only be taken on if they were the very best that Electricians in Hornchurch had to offer, and for this reason you can be completely assured that our technicians and our company will absolutely provide you with whatever it is you need. We take great pride in the prowess and professionalism of our employees and so if you feel that you are close enough to us and have the need to use our very appealing and high level electrical services be sure call us on 01708 459 831, or leave an enquiry form on our site and we will get back to you as soon as we possible can.

We also offer emergency callout work too, and so for a response time of around an hour for any electrical emergency you have once again use the contact methods above for a speedy response and a professional approach to the work that you need done.

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