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I C Electrical Services Ltd fills the needs of all Brentwood residents that require an electrical installation to be inspected and tested. As one of the smaller towns, it may be more difficult for some electricians to handle call-outs out of the London area, but at IC Electrical Services Ltd we are here to help, and will accommodate any and every customer’s needs in the Brentwood area.

What does an electrical inspection consist of?

The inspections and tests carried out by our qualified electricians at I C Electrical Services Ltd consist primarily of creating a document known as an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report). This in turn gives you as a customer the information required to identify any repairs that are necessary. The EICR covers deterioration problems such as wear and tear, corrosion and defective electrics.

Why choose an IC Electrical technician?

The electricians that are employed by I C Electrical Services Ltd are all NICEIC approved and bear the Government Standards Trust Mark, meaning that we meet both the requirements of the peers in our field, and that of the Government. We can therefore ensure professionalism and diligence in the work carried out by our employees.

How to get a quick, easy quote

If you live in the Brentwood area and are in need of an inspection and test for your electrical installations, make sure you get a quote from I C Electrical Services Ltd by giving us a quick call on 01708 459831. Additionally, you can book appointments via email. Send us your requirements to, and we will sharply help you with your queries.

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